With VOCA solutions, associated with artificial intelligence, you will have important feedback to enhance a new moment in your management. The platform offers its users a simple and intuitive interaction enabling high-level integration.


We present it as a collaborative platform …

How important is it for your company to exchange opinions and suggestions with your team? This solution will allow a more purposeful communication.

  • Users can choose to remain anonymous;
  • All steps are intuitive and easy to complete;
  • All opinions are validated by sending a suggestion together;
  • All information is curated, ensuring a high-level dialogue.

How important would it be to understand your team’s climate in real time? This solution will provide dynamic information, which we call micro-feedback.

  • Dynamic surveys sent weekly to teams;
  • All responses are compiled using artificial intelligence;
  • Facilitate quick decisions;
  • Indoor climate indicators.

How important is the exchange of ideas between your working group? This solution allows to create integration between people strengthening engagement.

  • Private corporate social network, focused on connecting employees to the company’s objectives;
  • Managers share challenges, for 100% of the team or in a segmented way;
  • Favoring the interaction of ideas, a fertile environment for the emergence of innovations;
  • Propositional and strategic discussion of the organization’s challenges.
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