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For companies and their professionals who seek a more intelligent communication management, with data, statistics and reports, promoting engagement, integration and more purposeful communication in the work environment.
The registration of companies is done through the VOCA solution contract. From this, employees will receive an invitation email from the system with instructions to finalize their respective registrations, which are made online, within the VOCA platform.
VOCA is a totally independent online platform, which can be accessed at any time by companies and their registered employees, through a computer, tablet or smartphone, through the website www.voca.com.br or through the VOCA App, available for Android and IOS.
No. Upon receiving the invitation email, you will be able to register on our platform using a personal email and a totally exclusive and individual password, thus generating more practicality, privacy, control and security.
Yes. In our system, you can choose to keep your profile anonymous (system default). With this, we guarantee the privacy of your information, which is encrypted and follows the terms of use of the platform.
Our platform has 3 solutions, each with its level of anonymity: - VOCA Opinion: you can choose to remain anonymous or to be identified. In this mode, only you and the company will have access to the content posted by you. - VOCA Pulse: all responses are 100% anonymous. - VOCA Integra: it is the only module identified. In it, your interactions are shared with co-workers, so that you contribute to a corporate social network.
Yes. Once you have registered in the system, you can interact and post as many times as you want on the platform.
Yes. Every message sent is curated by VOCA, ensuring that it follows the terms of use and supports a high-level language. If it is not according to these terms, you will receive a message from the system advising you about the necessary adjustment to validate your message.
Our curatorship is formed by a team responsible for verifying, carefully and attentively, messages sent through VOCA solutions, with the objective of ensuring that the interaction between our users is of a high level.

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