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We help companies to take care of people, so that people feel like to take care of companies.

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65% of communication is non-verbal, related to emotions and feelings.

One system, three solutions integrated by artificial intelligence and ready to empower people.
Let's do differently? VOCA, internal communication 5.0


VOCA Opinion

Private channel of corporate dialogue, purposeful communication between leaders and employees, reading emotion through text analysis (AI).


VOCA Pulse

Organizational climate in real time, quantitative and qualitative research, emotion reading by video and text analysis (AI).


VOCA Connect

Corporate social network with gamification and emotion reading (AI), connecting the team to the company’s challenges. Channel of interaction and innovation.

A closer management, developing more collaborative teams.

Through the metrics presented by easy reading graphs that show important scenarios potentializing your business, are brought for your growth.

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  • Posted By - voca
  • Date - 15 de October de 2018

Rede social corporativa eficiente: conheça esta nova tendência!

Você entende bem o conceito de rede social corporativa? Pois há cinco anos — tempo longo o suficiente para mudanças ao tratarmos do cenário

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  • Posted By - voca
  • Date - 15 de October de 2018

Entenda porque o clima organizacional é tão importante

Toda empresa vive uma busca intensa para maximizar a produtividade. Sendo assim, entender os motivos para que isso aconteça é fundamental para alcançar

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